Back up!

Posted by: Abbot  |  03-28-10


The mud is officially playable again. There may be more minor oddities you come across, and guilds still need to have some updates (for now they get free rent however!)

So play on and play hard!

Do you miss idling?!

Posted by: Xiola  |  03-26-10


I know we’re all kind of going through a withdrawal of some kind not being able to log in to our e-home. I hope Etonix doesn’t mind, but here is the address to the mud a few peeps have been tinkering on.

Here is the 3003

Congrats to our newest wiz

Posted by: Belegost  |  09-04-09


Under the name Grimgor, Malal has ascended to the Wizardry - congratulations to this long-time member of our community.


Posted by: Belegost  |  08-07-09


There’s a new area in the western regions for those brave enough to seek untold fortune and glory. Kobolds have been attacking passing caravans as they approach Candera . . .

New guild features!

Posted by: Abbot  |  07-11-09


Players can now get enhancements on gear at guilds to improve the quality of both guild and non-guild items.

The vault has been improved and is now located in bank guilds.

For guild owners this means it will be easier to pay your rent with the extra sales, and for smelters be sure to keep them loaded with material to construct their vaults and make their enhancements!

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