Weeeeeeeee’re baaaaack…..

Posted by: Hoax  |  07-03-09


Special thanks to Xiola for purchasing our new domain name for the next 4 years (Abbot can pay for the 4 after that, hehe).  Welcome back people, and enjoy.

Easter Goodies

Posted by: Hoax  |  04-10-09


I will be launching a test run of the Were Rabbit next boot.  Show up and have some fun.

New Area in Vesla

Posted by: Xiola  |  01-16-09


Some new neighbors have moved into Northern Vesla.  They are trying to settle in, and have some work to do yet, but they have a nice place being built. 

Castle Menlyn is geared for levels 17 and up, some are meaner than others.

MD has moved

Posted by: Belegost  |  11-29-08


We have our own, dedicated box now at: 3003

Holiday fun

Posted by: Belegost  |  11-22-08


We’re starting work on a new project that’ll be extra-holiday-fun for the Christmas season ...

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