Priests and Paladins

Posted by: Belegost  |  07-30-08


Before advancing to level 10, all Clerics must now choose whether to become a Priest or a Paladin ... each with their own unique way of serving the gods of Goodness and Light.

Demographic Survey

Posted by: Belegost  |  07-15-08


Please help us gain a better understanding of you, our users, by completing the following demographic survey:

Please note: “the site” referenced in the survey refers to the game itself, not this website.

The Mission of Tyr

Posted by: Belegost  |  06-07-08


There is a new area for your exploration:

Back online

Posted by: Hoax  |  04-29-08


The site was down because I had to renew the host.  I tried to take a different route that would allow the site to be hosted free, but unfortunately that avenue was exhausted.  So I had to shell out cash from my own pocket. :(

The good news is that the site is gonna be around for a very long time now, so enjoy.

Once again, I apologize for the downtime.

Happy Easter!

Posted by: Hoax  |  03-22-08


We will be celebrating Easter, MD style, with a few bonuses and trinkets here and there.  I won’t go into detail on what’s gonna be available but I will leave you with this . . .



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