Cryptic messages

Posted by: Belegost  |  02-23-08


“The ground begins shaking slightly.

The shaking grows steadily more violent.

Peasants scream in Indel, as that seems to be the epicenter of the earthquake.

The shaking subsides, but not before a loud cracking sound.”

While Indel is fairly used to earthquakes, given the instability beneath the southern part of the city, there a recent quake that was far more unusual and no doubt portends some new danger to contend with in the city . . .

2007, The year in review

Posted by: Hoax  |  01-02-08


Another year has come and gone.  2007 - we barely knew you.  We have seen much improvements and additions over the past year to our ever-expanding game - new areas, new NPCs, new items and new arge exquests.  Here is a short list of 2007 highlights:

The addition of the Orc cave on the island.

The addition of the Rangers in the Preserve.

The addition of Quest 7.

Dwarven Ice Caves added to the southern Artic Area.

Lich Lord Aralus revolting in Pylus.

The discovery of the Lesser and Greater Red Laen rings.

A plot to assassinate King Henrimagne of Anshelm.

The return of Belegost.

Many class changes and aristo skill additions.

The MD wiki.

. . . and so much more.  Expect to see many improvements and additions in the coming year.

Happy New Year and happy hunting,

-Hoax Latimer

Legendary fighter?

Posted by: Belegost  |  12-26-07


Who was an old-school fighter that played the class well and was a nice person?

I have a nice fighter-only item that I’d like to name after such a fighter.  Leave suggestions/ discussion in the comments.

Merry Christmas Moral Decay

Posted by: Hoax  |  12-26-07


I hope everyone had a very merry and safe Christmas.  If you were around, then you witnessed fair winter weather and Christmas elves with goodies!  Ahh, the holidays.

Did you get what you wanted for Christmas?

Task list

Posted by: Belegost  |  12-13-07


Help us create a list of minor Tasks scattered around the game! Make an entry on the moderated page linked below to help others find some of the more hidden gems around the Realm.


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