Volunteer needed to renew the domain for this website
Posted: 03 June 2013 04:01 AM   [ Ignore ]
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xiola is currently paying $17 a year to keep the website up (moraldecaymud.org).
It is cheaper if you buy multi-years, but that is the yearly rate.

hoax did a lot of hard work on this site, and some of you did a lot of hard
work on the wiki to add a lot of good helpful info to newbs and vets alike
(especially tyrande who did a ton of pages on there).

would any of you be willing to take over renewing the domain name? preferably
someone reliable as we’d like to keep the site functional. if you would be able
to, please mudmail xiola as she would like to hand it off. do not message her
here as she forgot her password, so do it through mudmail please.

many thanks in advance! its an awesome site and it would be nice to see that
wiki stay alive.