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Aladrin’s Mage Page Just checked my mudmail for the first time in ages and got an email from Aladrin about his mage page.  It’s pretty nifty!  Check it out at: http://elven.com.au/magepage/ Hoax 08/11/17 0
Just because Just checking if anybody is still out there! Hoax 06/21/16 5 09/20/16
03.c Hoax 02/13/15 0
02.c Hoax 11/28/09 0
Weeeeeeeee’re baaaaack….. Special thanks to Xiola for purchasing our new domain name for the next 4 years (Abbot can pay for the 4 after that, hehe).  Welcome back people, and enjoy. Hoax 07/03/09 4 07/04/09
Easter Goodies I will be launching a test run of the Were Rabbit next boot.  Show up and have some fun. Hoax 04/10/09 0
01.c Hoax 07/10/08 0
Back online The site was down because I had to renew the host.  I tried to take a different route that would allow the site to be hosted free, but unfortunately that avenue was exhausted.  So I had to shell out cash from my own pocket. :( The good news is that… Hoax 04/29/08 3 06/10/08
Happy Easter! We will be celebrating Easter, MD style, with a few bonuses and trinkets here and there.  I won’t go into detail on what’s gonna be available but I will leave you with this . . . BEWARE THE CURSE OF THE WERE-RABBIT! -Hoax Hoax 03/22/08 3 03/25/08
Do my skills auto advance? Hoax 02/19/08 1 04/03/08
I died.  Where’s my stuff? Hoax 02/19/08 0
I died.  Where am I? Hoax 02/19/08 0
2007, The year in review Another year has come and gone.  2007 - we barely knew you.  We have seen much improvements and additions over the past year to our ever-expanding game - new areas, new NPCs, new items and new arge exquests.  Here is a short list of 2007 highlights: The addition of the… Hoax 01/02/08 0
Merry Christmas Moral Decay I hope everyone had a very merry and safe Christmas.  If you were around, then you witnessed fair winter weather and Christmas elves with goodies!  Ahh, the holidays. Did you get what you wanted for Christmas? Hoax 12/26/07 2 01/17/08
FAQ help needed The FAQ module for the website is near completion and we need some input from players.  The questions will be mostly directed to new players, or people who have never played MD before but would like to know about it.  Leave a comment if you have any suggestions. Hoax 11/27/07 10 01/18/08
How do I connect to Moral Decay? Hoax 11/26/07 0
We’re back online! Got in touch with the admin.  He rebooted. Thanks Lilu! Hoax 11/26/07 2 02/07/08
Game down The game is currently down at the moment.  I’m in the process of calling the admin to find out what’s up.  Stay tuned and I’ll keep you posted. Hoax 11/26/07 9 11/26/07
Happy Thanksgiving Happy Thanksgiving to you all!  There were goodies for everone today - Abbot left a “horn of plenty” at Vesla entrance with an unlimited supply of food, Belegost unleashed an army or turkeys and pilgrims (with smallpox!) and I held a scavenger hunt.  I hope everyone enjoyed themselves and had… Hoax 11/22/07 6 11/23/07
The Wiki is online The Moral Decay Wiki is online and awaiting your entries.  If you are a registered member, you can contribute to the Wiki.  I wrote a (very) simple help file to help you get started.  I’ll be working on a better one in the near future.  Until then, enjoy - and… Hoax 11/16/07 6 11/23/07
Newbie guide online The newbie guide is now viewable under “Game > Newbie Guide”.  It was written by Xiola and has quite a few good starting points.  Be sure to check it out. Hoax 11/11/07 8 11/28/07
User registration open User registration is now open for beta.  Be sure to fill out your player profiles as well!  Also, if you come across any bugs, or have any suggestions, donít hesitate to mudmail me (Iím working on implementing some sort of communication system here).  Thanks again gals. Hoax 11/05/07 2 12/08/07