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A New Week It’s the end of PAW but that does not mean that there is nothing to look forward to in the world of Moral Decay! The creative minds that have brought you the Crystalline Caverns, Dragonform, Roombuilder and Bighands have much more up their wizardry sleeves. Keep those eyes peeled for… Tyrande 08/25/14 1 08/27/14
Updates on PAW! So far we’ve had -Insane Health regeneration 10x the normal rate. Speaking of which, who else loved seeing the “at full health” message spam?? -Mana Regeneration 10 mana per tic! Everyone loves spamming spells and spending less on alc right? -The item machine Oldie but favorite! -Big hands special All… Tyrande 08/20/14 0
Player Appreciation Week 2014! That time of year has snuck up on us again! PAW will be held from August 17th to August 23rd! Let your friends and party-mates know about it! Last year we had mythical rings that allowed for us to experience the ferocity of a dragon. Drop by during PAW to… Tyrande 07/12/14 2 08/20/14
New Content! Last week has been eventful, but with the start of this week we get to see a lot of new stuff. Castles are a new addition to the game and allow for raids, and much much more. They only cost 200 as a special sale for a limited time, so don’t forget to stop by and grab one soon! A few new areas have been released as well! The Crystalline Caverns (made by my favorite new wizard!) is a favorite for aristo’s who want the amazing weapons guarded deep within the glittering grotto. For those who are adventurous, please do explore cautiously, wizards are not responsible for any severed heads or disemboweled entrails. Additionally, for the nature lovers of the realms, rumors have surfaced of a powerful new spell, allowing them to transform into a mighty, fire breathing dragon -sure to put fear into any foe that you may encounter. Nature’s form comes with fire breathing, and scaly skin so for those of you who easily get a sore throat or have skin problems, this is not for you. Tyrande 08/04/13 2 07/12/14
The End of A Fun Week PAW was great was it not?! Thank you to all the wizards for their effort coding and taking time away from their busy lives to stay on and make sure the week was eventful and as bug free as possible! Also, a thank you to all who played, and made… Tyrande 08/04/13 0
Player Appreciation Week! There is PAW from the 28th of July till 3rd of August! Call all your friends and old buddies to come and enjoy the bonuses and events! Wizards are not to be held responsible for lack of sleep or other side effects of PAW. Tyrande 07/29/13 0