A New Week

Posted by: Tyrande  |  08-25-14


It’s the end of PAW but that does not mean that there is nothing to look forward to in the world of Moral Decay! The creative minds that have brought you the Crystalline Caverns, Dragonform, Roombuilder and Bighands have much more up their wizardry sleeves. Keep those eyes peeled for new exciting content in the months to come.

Special thanks to all the Wizards who took the time and effort to code those exciting events and to make PAW possible! Also a thank you to all the players who played as well as participated in the events! (We know who you are!)

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More stuff to look forward to? Does that mean you’ll actually play?!!! I can’t wait!

Posted by Yuen  on  08/27  at  08:49 PM

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