Newbie guide online

Posted by: Hoax  |  11-11-07


The newbie guide is now viewable under “Game > Newbie Guide”.  It was written by Xiola and has quite a few good starting points.  Be sure to check it out.

Malal 1.


Posted by Malal  on  11/21  at  09:52 PM
Tyrande 2.

ooooooh we get comments now! smile

Posted by Tyrande  on  11/22  at  08:02 AM
Xiola 3.

Someone please re-write the newbie guide.


Posted by Xiola  on  11/22  at  09:30 PM
Tyrande 4.

I dont think we can edit the newbie guide

Posted by Tyrande  on  11/23  at  10:01 AM
Xiola 5.

Just mudmail it to hoax!

Posted by Xiola  on  11/23  at  02:37 PM
Alazar 6.

Am I dense or just blind? Where is this newbie guide you speak of?

Posted by Alazar  on  11/27  at  10:32 AM
Xiola 7.

thankfully it has been disconnected to the page during hoax’s re-work of the layout.  Someone write a wiki!

Posted by Xiola  on  11/27  at  01:40 PM
Hoax 8.

I’m in the process of writing a FAQ module to replace the newbie guide.

Posted by Hoax  on  11/28  at  09:00 AM

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