The Wiki is online

Posted by: Hoax  |  11-16-07


The Moral Decay Wiki is online and awaiting your entries.  If you are a registered member, you can contribute to the Wiki.  I wrote a (very) simple help file to help you get started.  I’ll be working on a better one in the near future.  Until then, enjoy - and let me know if you see any bugs (I’m sure there are a few).


Alazar 1.

WOOHOO, Hoax is rock’n da webpage!

Posted by Alazar  on  11/21  at  09:51 PM
Malal 2.

True love is when someone lets you eat their brain.

Posted by Malal  on  11/21  at  09:53 PM
Tyrande 3.

Thanks for the wiki and the webpage Hoax!! smile

Posted by Tyrande  on  11/22  at  08:02 AM
Hoax 4.

This is a test post.  Testing wizard-only background color.

Posted by Hoax  on  11/22  at  04:39 PM
Curious 5.

you’re gone for 5 minutes and you check back in on the website and its got so much work done to it...nice work are the man!

Posted by Curious  on  11/22  at  05:14 PM
Tyrande 6.

Hehe i know that picture!!! raspberry

Posted by Tyrande  on  11/23  at  07:56 AM

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