Updates on PAW!

Posted by: Tyrande  |  08-20-14


So far we’ve had
-Insane Health regeneration
10x the normal rate. Speaking of which, who else loved seeing the “at full health” message spam??
-Mana Regeneration
10 mana per tic! Everyone loves spamming spells and spending less on alc right? smile
-The item machine
Oldie but favorite!
-Big hands special
All 2handers can now be wielded on one hand! Yes, even those crazy weapons like the flaming balrog spear and the gleaming pike!!
-The tacky tie
Eto’s amazing tie that adds a wealth of bonuses most of which are, at the moment, trade secrets that he is unwilling to reveal. Nevertheless you can feel a difference once you wear it!

If you may have missed some of these, there is no worry as there will be many more events in the upcoming days of this week!


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