quest info


The history on md of ‘What is Quest info’ has been viewed differently by different wizard administrations. We recently held a discussion on what is considered a quest.

The result is that quest info is pertaining to the main 6 quests, and the new aristo-only Quest 7.  All info about those quests is completely off limits as previously stated.

Other ”tasks” in the game will be considered quest info on a case by case basis.  These tasks will have warnings in them not to share the info if it is illegal to share them.

Although it is not illegal to hint info in the tasks with no warnings, it is highly discouraged.  This does not mean you can give step by step info.  Hinting to people is acceptable.  HOWEVER, if tasks become well known, this will most likely lead to nerfs.  So if you go and hand out a task to everyone you know, there is a good chance the task may not be as rewarding (ruining it for the people who went to the trouble of figuring it out by themselves).

Hopefully this lessens the cloud of fear hanging over some of your heads, but please continue to keep your info sharing extremely limited.  And thanks to those of you who do explore and find things.  You are the players that make our coding time worth it.