Wiki help

Please bear with me, as this is just a temporary help file until I can get around to writing a better one. I know this is a bit unorganized.



Edit an article

To edit an article click on the edit link. This puts the article in "edit mode" which lets you edit the content right there on the web page. In Edit mode, simple text formatting such as bold, italics, and underline are handled by BBcode, an easy-to-remember method of styling text. When you are done editing just click on update and your edits are instantly published.

BBcode Basics

BBCode works by surrounding the text you want to style with a bracketed tag. For example, if you want to bold some text you'd do this:

This text is not bold. [b]This text is bold[/b].

Which would display like this after editing:

This text is not bold. This text is bold.

Adding italic and underline work the same way. For example, this:

[i]This text is italicized[/i]. [u]This text is underlined[/u].

Would display like this after editing:

This text is italicized. This text is underlined.

Create an article

Creating an article in a wiki is as simple as finding something that doesn't exist. A wiki assumes that whenever someone searches for an article and no results are found or clicks on a link to an article that doesn't exist, that someone will want to create that information for the community. Sound strange? Let me take a second to explain:

You feel as if the world should know about your character, "Saul Good". To add your character, the first thing you would do is use the Create or Find Page search tool in the sidebar to see if someone already added a article with the same title. You search for Saul Good. The wiki checks all existing articles and comes up empty. The wiki then gives you the opportunity to create an article titled Saul Good by clicking the Edit link. Once you click edit, the article is instantly created and you can share with the world the wonder that is Saul.

While editing your Character article you remember that Saul is a Barbarian. The easiest way for you to create an article for a Barbarian (if it hasn't already been created) is to create a link to it using wiki syntax, a markup very similar to BBCode. But instead of using a single bracket, you'll use double brackets. To create a link for the word Barbarian you'd do something like this:

When I created Saul, I decided that I wanted to make him a member of the [[Barbarian]] class.

Which would display this:

When I created Saul, I decided that I wanted to make him a member of the Barbarian class.

When you click the Barbarian link , the wiki discovers that the article doesn't exist and then gives you the opportunity to create it by clicking the edit link. If the Barbarian article already existed then this method would automatically link to it.

Organizing articles with categories

Assigning an article to a category is easily accomplished with wiki syntax. For example, to add Saul Good to the players category you would click on the edit link to enter the article's edit mode and add the following anywhere in the article:


This would automatically assign the article to the Players category (Make sure that the word "Category" has a capital "C"). If the category doesn't exist, the wiki will create it automatically. To add multiple categories just add an additional category like so:


This would assing the article to the Players and Barbarian categories.